United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The Power of Truth: 20 Years

Bringing the History of In Darkness to Light

Based on a true story, the 2012 Oscar-nominated film In Darkness recounts the heroism of Leopold Socha, a Polish sanitation worker who discovered several Jews escaping the destruction of the Lvov ghetto in 1943 through the city sewer system. Using his knowledge of the system's canals, he suggested hiding places and, with his wife and a coworker, brought the hidden Jews food and news from the outside world. While the Sochas initially received payment for their efforts, they continued to help those in hiding even after the payments stopped.

Among those assisted by the Sochas were Krystyna Chiger and her family. In 2003, Krystyna Chiger (now Kristine Keren) loaned the small, handmade green sweater she wore as a child in hiding to the Museum for its special exhibition Life in Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust. She later donated it to the Museum.

Watch the video above to learn more about the sweater and the Chigers' time in hiding by listening to Susan Snyder, a Museum curator, discuss the Museum's acquisition of this artifact and efforts to preserve it.

During the 2012 Days of Remembrance from April 15 to 22, the Museum will honor all those who intervened to help rescue Jews with the theme Choosing to Act: Stories of Rescue.

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